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How can you improve the photos of your house?

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How can you improve the photos of your house?

6 steps to improve the marketing photos of your house using Picmonkey.

Your last tenant has left and you´ve finished all necessary maintenance and decorating. Your house looks great again and ready to market. So, now it is time to make some attractive photos of your house. The photos are good but they could use some editing. What´s a good tool to use to do this?

My favourite tool to edit photos is Picmonkey. Here I will give you 6 steps to enhance your photos using Picmonkey.

Step 1. Upload your picture in Picmonkey

Picmonkey upload

Step 2. Frame your photo and crop it

Sometimes you want to amend the size of your photo. However, if you do it with the resize button then the photos can become misshaped. So here is a 2 step alternative - framing and cropping. I will show you how in this tutorial:

Frame it until you are happy with the results (for example if you would like to have a square photo, frame until it´s a square).

Then choose Shape Cutouts and then for example, the square:

Picmonkey shape cutouts

Then you go to basic edits and you choose crop to get the square:

Picmonkey crop

Step 3. Use effects to make your photos stand out more, to make them lighter, darker or to give a special effect

With effects you can do amazing things with your photo.

Picmonkey effects

Step 4. Remove some areas you don´t want to show in the photo

You can use the clone tool which you can find in the Touch up area. For example, in this photo you probably want to hide the cable. The clone tool is not provided free so you have to pay to use this feature.

Picmonkey erase clone tool

Step 5. Include a watermark on your photo

I would always include a watermark on your photos. This will enable you to trace your own photos if they appear on the internet. First, you have to create your own watermark. Then go to overlays and choose ´Your Own´. Put it in a specific corner, like I did.

Picmonkey watermark

Step 6. Insert an overlay and add text if you want

For transparent overlays choose ´geometric´ and use the fade tool to make it more transparent. Then add text with the T - text tool.

Picmonkey overlay

How´s this guide? Has it been useful? Are there any areas I haven´t included that you would like more information on? I would love to know how you got on and what enhancements you made. Please share your results with me below or by sending an email to Quilantro.

© 2015 Quilantro - Lilian Hermans

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