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What kind of fire extinguisher do you choose?

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What kind of fire extinguisher do you choose?

Fire safety is a critical issue for landlords. Fire can spread quickly in an entire room or home. Fire also produces poisonous gases and smoke. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install a fire extinguisher.

So what kind of fire extinguisher do you choose? If you are searching the internet there are so many options and different prices. And what kind of fire classes exist?

First of all, know the differences between the several fire classes. A fire can fall in different fire classes. The higher the classes, the more fire-fighting power. In Europe they use several classes to distinguish specific types of fire. The A, B, C, D, E and F class. In the United States they are a bit different: the A, B, C, D and K class.

Class A

Class A fires involve ordinary combustible materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and most plastics.

Class B

Class B fires are for flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, candles, parafinas, alcohol, gasoil, grease and oil.

Class C

Class C fires are for flammable gases. Flammable gases can be explosive when mixed with air in the right proportions. Hydrogen, butane, methane and ethylene are examples of flammable gases. In the United States flammable gases and flammable liquids are both referred to as class B fires.

Class D

Class D fire extinguishers are not found in homes but in chemical laboratories. They extinguish fires that involve combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, sodium and potassium (chemical element with symbol K and atomic number 19 and it is found dissolved in sea water and is part of many minerals.

Class E

Class E fires are for electrical equipment, such as appliances, wiring, circuit breakers and electrical outlets. One basic rule: never use water to extinguish this class fire - just because of the risk of an electrical shock.

Class F

Class F (in Europe) or K (in the USA) fire extinguishers are for fires that involve cooking oils, trans-fats, of fats in cooking appliances and are typically found in restaurants and cafeteria kitchens.

So what class should your fire extinguisher be in? The most common fires will be fires in class A, B and E (E would be class C in the USA). That is, fire of combustible materials, combustible liquids and electrical equipment. If you are looking for a fire extinguisher, please note the different classes in the USA and Europe. So for example, if you would like to buy this 600 gram Dry powder fire extinguisher from the USA, it refers to class B and C. And that is fine, because it would include both flammable gas and liquid fires as well as electrical equipment fires (European classes B, C and E). IVG Fire Extinguisher Class B and C

If you are looking for a fire extinguisher for all classes A, B, C and E, this fire extinguisher might be an interesting option as it is also refillable.

IVG Fire Extinguisher for Class A, B and C

Or this one.

IVG Fire Extinguisher for Class A, B and C

In this article I have explained the different fire classes and the need to have a fire extinguisher in your home. Hopefully this article gives you a basis to do some more research for buying a good fire extinguisher.

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