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  • Lilian

    My name is Lilian Hermans, owner and founder of Quilantro. At the end of 2006 I moved with my family from the Netherlands to Spain where I started my business.

    I know how important it is to have someone physically in the neighbourhood of your property when you live abroad. I am in the same situation in The Netherlands, where I rely on a company to take care of my property. That is why I offer this property management service to you.

  • overask

    The thing is that you can't always rely on your family and friends in this situation. Sometimes because they don't live close to your property. However, it is also possible that you can sometimes 'overask' them to do a favor. They live their own lives.

  • delegate

    Of course, I can't do this on my own. Renting, selling, maintenance, cleaning, administration, it all needs a kind of specialisation. And if not, I can't do it all by myself, so I delegate specific tasks. That's why Quilantro works together with other professional providers, selected carefully for their job.

"I can confidently say that I am completely relaxed"

James Macfarlane

First, when I started looking for someone to manage my property I was faced with a wall of impersonal management companies which really turned me off. So when I came across Quilantro's website I was immediately interested in what services they could provide. I found the website itself easy to navigate and full of interesting and useful information. However in the end it doesn't matter how good a website is but the actual services they provide and here is where Quilantro really shines.
As soon as I got in touch with Lilian she made herself available. Upon meeting, Lilian is open, friendly and interested in helping to provide whatever solutions to make working together a possibility. Here was the personal touch that the other companies didn't come close to.
She was a great help in giving my flat a once over so as to be ready for future renters. Providing access to services where needed. Doing thorough searches for anything that was broken and needed updated with a good mix between cost and quality.
When the flat was ready to view no time was wasted in getting people in to look at my flat. Also valuable information was provided about the prospective clients. It did not take long to have my flat occupied.
We are a few months in now and anything that has come up has been quickly and efficiently dealt with. I have recently made a move to the other side of the world which is why I needed someone to provide services like this and I can confidently say that I am completely relaxed knowing that my apartment is being well looked after. Thanks Lilian for all your hard work!

James Macfarlane, Scottish, landlord in Madrid, currently living in Australia

How can you be sure


Value 1

We understand how it is to leave your property behind, as we are expats and landlords ourselves.


Value 2

Inventive and innovative. We are always on the look out for new opportunities to market your property.

that we are the right


Value 3

Responsibility is our motto. Responsibility means understanding the challenges (regardless how big or small they are) landlords face when they have to deal with the (near) future of their property. It also means taking the right and most effective (cost) action, given the situation.

Act now

Value 4

We don't procrastinate, we act now, without delay. Organizing and doing things right now is our motto, especially when we are talking about finding new tenants and maintenance.

party for you?

save money

Value 5

We believe in well-maintained and cared-for properties. In the long term this will save you money, less maintenance fees, long-term satisfied tenants, less hassle.

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