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home finder package

Home finder package

We help expats and newcomers to find the right house or apartment. This package includes:

  • finding a home based on your specific requirements;

  • making appointments for visits;

  • organizing as many visits as possible within a short period of time;

  • accompanying you on home visits;

  • if you wish to search for a home from abroad, we can make professional videos and photos for you;

  • focusing on accommodation offered by landlords directly rather than real estate agents. Note that Spanish real estate agents charge an additional month's fee (and VAT) for their services;

  • negotiating on rental terms and conditions;

  • reviewing the rental contract.


Home finder fees*:

  • One month´s rent, with a minimum of 750 € and
    a deposit of 500 €;

*Fees are subject to 21% VAT.

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´It took me two weeks to do all the arrangements´

Lilian Hermans proved to be a valuable help in contacting owners, making appointments and negotiating about the legal terms. Apart from that she proved to be very knowledgeable about getting a NIE and social security. In the end it took me only two weeks to do all the arrangements. Needless to say I wouldn´t have been able to do so this without Lilian's help. Thank you so much!

Wouter van Reeven, Madrid


´House-hunting was hugely simplified´

I arrived in Madrid, busy with work and logistical issues to organise. On top of this, I needed to find an apartment to live in within a few weeks of arrival. With the basic Spanish and some local contacts that I had, this would not have been an impossible task to complete on my own, but it would have been very time and energy-consuming.

With Lilian´s help, the whole process was made as stress-free and time-efficient as possible. Registration for my social welfare number and for the NIE was almost trivial, and house-hunting was hugely simplified. I didn´t need to contact landlords myself and of course the local knowledge when it came to rental contracts and choosing a location to live in was extremely useful.

Overall, I was very happy with the service provided and would recommend it to anyone moving to Madrid who needs to make the relocation process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Mr Crowley, Madrid

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