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If you consider buying a property in Madrid, please continue reading.

The Spanish crisis is over and the economy is growing again. A great opportunity to buy property in Spain. Madrid is one of the areas in Spain where you can find interesting property investments and potential hotspots. Why should you invest in property in Madrid?

  • Madrid is the capital of Spain and for this reason many international companies have a subsidiary in Madrid;

  • Madrid has some famous business schools and universities, attracting thousands of students every year. They need a place to live in;

  • Great quality of life. As Madrid is situated in the middle of Spain, it is more Spanish (castizo) than most areas along the coast;

  • Prices are still relatively low;

  • Safe long term investment.

  • Investing in property in Madrid, that is buy-to-let, is every year a bit more profitable. While the average profitability in Madrid was:

    • 5% in 2014
    • 5.2% in 2015
    • it increased by 5.6% in 2016
    • and for 2017 they expect even a higher profitability.*

  • According to the Banco de España, the profitability in the real estate housing sector has gone up to 8.3%. This percentage is a result of the sum of the exploitation of property by means of letting (4.4%) and its revaluation (3.9%).**

  • *Source:


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Free download: Is buy-to-let in Madrid every year a bit more profitable?

Summary of several Spanish reports and articles about buying property

  • find out about the profitability in different neighbourhoods in Madrid

  • what are the highly profitable districts?

  • where can you find information on recent rental prices?

  • what are the average prices per m²?

  • you will find this information in a summary of several Spanish reports and articles, including the sources

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The buying assistant can work for you at distance or help you to find property while visiting Spain.

The buying assistant will:


assist you with some practical issues, such as opening a private bank account in Spain and advise or support you on how to get a NIE number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero), a kind of fiscal number you will need to buy property in Spain


visit with you or on behalf of you interesting properties


provide a detailed report of the property's rental price compared to other properties, so you get an idea of the rental income per property


deal and negotiate with real estate agents and owners on your behalf


make photos and videos of the interesting properties


assess the need and costs of renovation and licences


help you through all legal aspects of the buying process, such as legal checks on the property, drafting or reviewing contracts or a power of attorney (if necessary) and being present to act in your interest at the notary during the transfer of the property


act in your interest when you are outside Spain


organise all the administrative stuff


we can also offer you property management, to let and maintain your property

If you are interested in this service, please send a message to

Quilantro and ask for the buying assistance

If you would like to learn more about property management:

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Buying property in Madrid

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