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Why delegate?


Delegating management of your apartment and house has some advantages. Especially if you live further away from Madrid, having your property managed by a third professional party could be a very interesting option. Why?

  • Because it saves you time (doing the things in life that are important to you).

  • Because several tasks that have to be done are not the favorite tasks of most landlords.

  • Because it is not that expensive at all. The costs of managing a home are in most cases deductible from taxes.

  • Because according to some studies (carried out outside Spain) the properties managed professionally are more profitable.

Why Quilantro?


What you need is a steady and reliable company that will organise all issues involved. And why us?

  • The objective of investments in real estate is to optimise profitability - it is something that we do not lose sight of while managing your property.

  • Professionals in preparing rental contracts according to Spanish law.

  • Extensive experience in selecting the most reliable and solvent tenant profile in order to minimise potential problems in the future.

  • Because we are very committed - 'a man of his word'

  • You can do the work in 2 ways: good or doing the best. We strive to do the best.

  • We believe in long-term relationships. Creating lasting collaborations is important and best for everyone.

  • Trust, especially if we talk about competence, sincerity, integrity and customer service.

Who can benefit?


Who can benefit from this service? This service is aimed at landlords with property in Madrid who live in or outside Madrid or even outside Spain and who are looking for a committed company who takes care of their property.

If you are interested to learn more on how you can benefit from this service, then contact us or read more on how it works:

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How can you be sure


Value 1

We understand how it is to leave your property behind, as we are expats and landlords ourselves.


Value 2

Inventive and innovative. We are always on the look out for new opportunities to market your property.

that we are the right


Value 3

Responsibility is our motto. Responsibility means understanding the challenges (regardless how big or small they are) landlords face when they have to deal with the (near) future of their property. It also means taking the right and most effective (cost) action, given the situation.

Act now

Value 4

We don't procrastinate, we act now, without delay. Organizing and doing things right now is our motto, especially when we are talking about finding new tenants and maintenance.

party for you?

save money

Value 5

We believe in well-maintained and cared-for properties. In the long term this will save you money, less maintenance fees, long-term satisfied tenants, less hassle.

If you are interested to learn more on how you can benefit from this service, then ask for a free consult.

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