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How well do you know the Spaniards? Quiz - part 1

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How well do you know the Spaniards? Quiz - part 1
In order to feel truly at home, it´s important to have an open mind and attitude towards the habits of Spaniards. So, how well do you know them? Just follow this short quiz about Spanish habits and customs to find out.
1. You have to make some important phone calls to several authorities. When do you call?

a. Between 10 am and 5 pm - whenever suits you best.

b. In the morning, between 10 am and 2 pm.

c. In the afternoon, between 2 and 5 pm because then most people are available after a morning of meetings.

2. You need to write a letter to the doctor. His name is Doctor Antonio Miguel Sánchez García. How do your write his name?

a. Completely, as above with title, names and two surnames.

b. First names and surnames only.

c. Only the first name and the first surname.

3. What does the following expression mean: 'hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo'?

a. Don't story your winter tyres until June 10.

b. Don't turn off your heating until June 10.

c. Don't story your winter underwear until June 10.

4. What is a Chacarero?

a. Someone who collects your old furniture and iron and who drives around in a vehicle with a loudspeaker.

b. Someone who picks up the garbadge.

c. Someone who picks up paint and other chemical waste.

5. What is a foreigner who does not speak Spanish called?

a. A güisqui.

b. A guiri.

c. A guiño.

6. You go out one night and meet a nice Spanish couple. You want to make a date to see them another time. What do you suggest?

a. On a Sunday at their home.

b. On a Saturday at their home.

c. In a bar or a restaurant.

7. You're visiting a villa that you would like to rent. What should you wear?

a. It doesn't matter, casual or business clothes.

b. Smart, business clothes.

c. Casual.

8. You've been in the queue at an official counter. You're then told you have to line up in a different queue. What do you do?

a. You become angry and project your anger at the civil servant stating it's not the way you should be treated and demanding you should be informed properly on where to wait.

b. You sigh deeply, count to ten and say to yourself: 'that's the way things work in Spain'.

c. You fill out a complaints form, the hoja de reclamaciones.

9. You're going to have something to eat with a business contact. You order huevos, tortillas and verduras. What's the best way to eat these platos?

a. With a fork.

b. With a spoon.

c. With a spoon and fork.

10. How long do the Spaniards sleep during the Spanish siesta?

a. Between five minutes and half an hour.

b. Between half an hour and one hour.

c. Between one hour and an hour and a half.


1. Answer b. The morning is the best time to make a phone call. Many authorities are only accessible up until 2 pm. It's lunchtime between the hours of 2 and 5 pm.

2. Answer b. In Spain titles are not mentioned but both Spanish surnames are used (the first surname is the father's, the second is the mother's).

3. Answer c. Until the 40th of May means counting until June, 10. Until this date it can be cold and unstable in Madrid, so keep your warm clothes at hand.

4. Answer a. A Chacarero is a person who drives through the streets and is particularly interested in irion and other ' valuable' objects.

5. Answer b. The word güisqui means whiskey. Guiño means a wink.

6. Answer c. Spaniards do not meet at home and definitely not on a Sunday as generally this is the day of family visits. It's therefore better to suggest meeting in a bar or restaurant.

7. Answer b. Spaniards, Madrileños put a lot of emphasis on their appearance. Dressing smart is advisable, even when it comes to a home visit.

8. Answer b. This is Spain. The slow, unwieldy civil service with its 'window culture' is part of it too. If you express your anger and complain, you won't get far.

9. Answer a. Forks. Spoons and knives are not needed for this type of 'cuisine'.

10. Answer a. A siesta is really only a nap. It is not meant to be a deep sleep. By having a short nap, you have renewed energy and you can continue the rest of the day easily.

I'd love to know how you did. Did you find it useful?

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