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This is what you have to organise when you land in Madrid

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This is what you have to organise when you land in Madrid

What should be one of your top priorities to organise when you arrive in Madrid? A NIE. What is a NIE and how do you get one?

A NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is required for almost everything in Spain. If you have economical, professional or social interests in Spain, you need to apply for a NIE. It is a unique identification number used as a type of fiscal number for foreigners who conduct financial activities in Spain.

Without a NIE, it will be more complicated and in some cases even impossible to, for example, register at the town hall, pay taxes, buy a car, open a bank account or apply for a Spanish driving license. It´s also recommended to apply for a NIE for children. Spaniards have a NIF (Número de Identidad Fiscal).

It´s relatively easy for Europeans to apply for a NIE. An address is required even if it´s temporary. If you need some help, take a look at the NIE package.

If all documents are approved, you will receive your NIE-card at the same time. Safeguard this card. You will be automatically registered in the Register for European Union Citizens (Certificado de Registro como Residente Comunitario).

Please note that procedures, locations and necessary documentation change from time to time. Make sure to remain informed and updated.

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