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Do you consider buying property in Madrid?

Spain and Madrid have been mentioned several times in the news as an interesting country and city to invest and buy property.

There are quite some reasons to buy property in Spain as a safe, long term investment. Although, we are expecting a negative growth in Spain in 2020, this might also be an opportunity for buying real estate. Prices are expected to drop in 2020-2021, which might lead to opportunities in the near future.

Nevertheless, we have to be careful in our predictions, since it is not clear to what extent the covid-19 will affect the Spanish economy. One thing is for sure: reasons to invest in real estate in Spain are still abundant, if we are looking at its well-known and high standard of health care as well as the climate with many sun hours. In general, the costs of life is also lower than in other European countries. The Golden Visa legislation is still in force, which means that investors are still allowed to get a permit while investing in Spain.

Besides, there are also specific reasons to invest in property in Madrid. Here are a few reasons that are worth mentioning:

  • Madrid is the capital of Spain and biggest economic hub with 3.2 million madrileños living in the capital itself and 6.6 million habitants living in the Comunidad de Madrid. It is the third metropolis in the European Union.

  • Madrid is the HQ of many Spanish companies, the regional HQ of several multinationals and international organizations.

  • It is the largest financial centre in Spain. It is also known for its high tech production.

  • It has 17 universities and more than 30 research centres, attracting many students and professionals, also from abroad.

  • Madrid is an important attraction for tourists and is an important centre for Trade Fairs.

  • Great quality of life. Historic buildings, areas, great food. As Madrid is situated in the middle of Spain, it is more authentic(castizo) than most areas along the coast. Life expectancy is high

  • Rental market is quite stable, both Spanish people and foreign people are looking for a place to live.

  • Also a high standard of infrastructure (airport, AVE (speed train to many big Spanish cities), modern metro network, numerous city and regional bus lines).


Looking for support to buy? Then why us?

Quilantro assists foreigners, that is investors and people interested in buying an apartment in Madrid in the purchase process. This means both assistance at the house-hunting itself, as well as advice and research for the administrative and legal part of the purchase process.

Some reasons that might convince you...

why us

We can work for you at distance or help you finding an apartment or house while visiting Spain.


Local market knowledge. We know where to buy, where are the good locations.


Investing in property to have it rented out by us means making money together.


Trust is key. If you live outside Spain, it is key you can rely 100% on a business partner.


We act fast. We respond fast. Proactivity is important. And flexible working hours.


A personal touch where other companies don't come close to.


We can also offer you property management, to rent out and maintain your property


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